A warm welcome to you! Front door upgrade!


Welcome to my blog about Real Estate in the Johns Creek area. As part of our New Year house upgrade, we decided to change our front door. When we bought the home 2 years ago, we knew we would have to do some work to it. As I was scouring the internet for fun and interesting articles on curb appeal, I came across an abundance of information on the importance of your front door. As a realtor, I know it is crucial for the front door to be looking its best. So, it got me thinking about my own front door. While it looked nice from a distance, the front and back pieces were starting to warp, and it was becoming harder to close tightly.


You can see the the veneer pulling away from the door.

Because I am a realtor, I also know the importance of ROI-return on investment. So I checked the Cost vs Value 2016 report. In the South Atlantic region, you recoup 98% of your investment in a steel front door. How awesome is that?!? So, I enlisted my resident hunky handyman, Sim, to change out the front door and install a steel one.


Resident hunky handyman, Sim

We painted the inside a creamy white to match the interior trim. We have black shutters on our home, and the old door was painted black on the exterior. We also have brass hardware. Black is our Feng Shui career color, and brass is making a huge comeback, so we opted to recreate the magic.

Stay tuned for the after photos!


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